Class Sizes

Class Sizes

The key to a terrific education is to partner with parents to insure the success of every student.  At CLS, we take great strides to make sure we have clear communication with our students and families.  We are able to do this effectively by keeping class sizes at appropriate levels.  Physical capabilities of the classroom will determine the maximum number of children within a classroom.  This is not to mean that the maximum is necessarily the ideal or is to be automatically attained.  A prime factor to be considered is meeting the obligation of carrying out a full-time Christian education.


1st-8th Grade | Capacity: 18

5K | Capacity: 15

4K | Capacity: 16 | Aide Consideration: 10

3K | Capacity: 16 | Aide Consideration: 8

Further evaluation will determine if the class size may exceed these limits.

To experience the culture of our school and to see the difference that smaller class sizes make when it comes to academic success through meaningful relationships, please contact our school office at 920-734-8218 to schedule a time.  We look forward to your visit!