Why Choose CLS?

Why Choose CLS?

There are many reasons that families choose a Lutheran school. At CLS, there are several key factors that help us to stand out as a Christ-centered school of excellence.



* You’re looking for smaller classes

Many parents are concerned these days about classes getting larger and the growing student-to-teacher ratio.  At Celebration, our average grade size is 10 with an average classroom size of 18.

*  You’re seeking more personal individual attention

With small classes, of course, comes the opportunity for more focus on the individual learning needs of each child. 

The teachers who grace our classrooms are warm, caring, Christian people who are passionate about their work, and their students.  They have chosen to teach here to give a rich, well-rounded education to the next generation. 

Your son needs some extra help with math?  He can talk with his teacher at lunch or after school.  You’d like to know more about how your daughter interacts with others?  CLS offers daily interactions with teachers in person or you can contact them by phone or e-mail. When your son or daughter graduates from eighth grade, CLS will have him or her well-prepared for high school.  

* You want an excellent academic program

We offer a full spectrum of academic subjects, including communicative arts, math, science, social studies,

computer technology, music, art, physical education and Spanish.  It’s age-appropriate instruction, with the added bonus of social and spiritual growth.

 * You welcome a small-school family atmosphere

We typically have 60-80 families involved with CLS at any one time.  You’ll get to know these people as friends and neighbors  and fellow volunteers, all with the goal of providing the best educational environment for your children.

Students themselves get to know each other across the age spectrum — often working and playing together. Older students become mentors and leaders as younger students look up to them and learn from them, and from each other.

 * You want activities outside of the classroom that help your kids grow

Athletics:  As a CLS Crusader, your son or daughter can play basketball and volleyball starting as young as the third grade, and participate in all-school track and field.  Coaches are either teachers or parents who teach not only the game skills, but the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship.

Music and Fine Arts:  At CLS, choir, a spring musical and opportunities for drama and chapel leadership enrich

students’ educational experiences. 

Academic Growth:  CLS participates in a yearly Spelling Bee at CLS, students will also be part of the Science Fair and Toy Fair, and conduct Consumer Reports to learn and employ the scientific method of investigation.  We emphasize hands-on learning all the way from preschool through the eighth grade.

Student Council:  Students in 4th-8th grade may serve as CLS Student Ambassadors.  They’ll learn leadership skills by planning and coordinating community service projects, charity fundraisers, and family fun nights.

* You’re wanting a Christian atmosphere, where both teachers and students are encouraged to share their faith

Academic excellence in an atmosphere of Christian love.  That’s the description of what happens every day at Celebration Lutheran School.  Your children will learn the power and the wonder of the Triune God.  They’ll learn the value of prayer and Bible study.  They’ll share their faith, worship God and serve others.  They’ll interact with pastors and other leaders of Faith Lutheran Church.

*You’re willing to invest in your child’s future

It’s no secret:  there’s a cost to private education.  But our goal is to provide the added value that makes the cost a worthwhile investment for your son or daughter.

There are a variety of ways to help make an education at CLS within reach. We offer Tuition Assistance, multi child discounts, and state tax deductions. We also participate in the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program (WPCP) where a qualifying family can receive a voucher for free tuition. If you would like your child to attend Celebration but finances are a concern, please know that we will do everything possible to assist you.

Please contact the school today to schedule your visit.