At Celebration we provide a well-rounded education that includes a wide variety of activities to help students discover new talents in fellowship with Christian believers:


Beginning in 3rd grade students have the opportunity to participate in sports through the fall and winter fielding teams in Girls and Boys Volleyball, and Girls and Boys Basketball. All students participate in Track and Field in the spring.

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A variety of teaching materials, technology and resources are used to create and expand visual art experiences for students at CLS. The art curriculum is multi-faceted for students across all grade levels learning the art elements and principles of design, art history and genre. Students gain inspiration from art, artists, literature and a variety of other sources while using a variety of media and materials to create their artwork, Finally, art lessons are also aligned with the Wisconsin State Standards or Art and Design.

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CLS offers various music lessons. Piano, Guitar, Drum, Flute and Voice Lessons. Students also have the opportunity to participate in a Christmas Program and Spring Musical performance.

Student Council

Students in 4th-8th grade may serve as CLS Student Ambassadors to coordinate school and community service projects, and family fun nights.


Science and Religion Quiz Bowl, Spelling Bee, Science Fair, Toy Fair