Teacher Favorites

2023-24 School Year

If you are looking for ways to show your appreciation to our staff or you child’s teacher please click the link to view their favorites (LINK) !

Teacher/staff list for stress reduction and workload help:

  • Unexpected breakfast and lunches to share (the office staff can help you coordinate)
  • Collection of drinks stored in the fridge based on staff favorites
    • Favorites include: Diet Coke, Mt Dew, Diet Mt Dew, Sundrop, Root Beer, Diet. Ginger ale, Green Tea, Hot Chocolate
  • Appreciation cards/texts/emails
  • Token of gratitude *Teacher Favorites here
  • Classroom Wish list items (I will continue to update these as they come in)
    • 4K:
    • 5K:
    • 1st: Small gift cards to get unexpected supplies needed at places like Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, and the dollar tree
    • 2nd/3rd:
    • 4/5th:
    • MS:
    • 4-8th English Language Arts: Teacher Pay Teacher Dollars

Ideas from Mrs. Pickering:

  • A pamper basket for the Staff bathroom
  • Cold weather gear since 3 recesses are a lot when its cold: Chapstick, Gloves, Handwarmers, etc…
  • Dropping off hot McD French fries which all the teachers love
  • Warm Hot Chocolate or Apple Cider for after recess
  • Candy jar for their room
  • Baked goodies