Christine Roberson

Hello! My name is Christine Roberson, and I teach Middle School Language Arts at CLS. I graduated from Concordia University Wisconsin in 2007 with a degree in Secondary Education & English, and I began my teaching career at Racine Lutheran High School in Racine, WI. After my first year, I left to follow my husband’s education & career, moving around the country as he pursued his degrees and training. During that time we lived and worked in Seattle, Boston, central Illinois, Alaska, Miami, and North Chicago before finally making our way back to Wisconsin. During our travels I was consistently blessed to find education-related work in a wide range of settings. My experiences during that time included teaching at multiple private schools (grades 5-12), teaching SAT Prep and College Discovery courses for The Princeton Review, private tutoring, and short and long term substitute teaching at both public and private schools. Through these varied experiences, I enjoyed growing my teaching practice by learning from the different social and educational cultures around the country. We settled down in Watertown, WI for five years before moving up to the Appleton area. I joined the staff at Celebration in 2020, and I am thrilled to be here!

I bring a real-world focus to the curriculum I teach, targeting the critical thinking and communication skills that will prepare young people for life. I enjoy exploring innovative educational practices such as Strengths Based Education and Genius Hour, interwoven with traditional literature, grammar, and writing curriculum that prepares students for high school. I love teaching language arts because the content lends itself so naturally to discussions about spiritual, ethical, cultural, and emotional issues, allowing students to explore issues relevant to them as they grow into young adults.

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